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Go Blog Again

Posted on: October 23, 2008

In June 2004, I started blogging via blogspot. Because of some reasons, i decide to delete my blog in the beginning of January 2006. I think my previous blog was bad. I just wanna something more simple but also better.

when i was a physics student, unfortunately my interest just always observing social phenomenon. In 1999-2002 i was interested with chatting phenomenon from MIRC media. I’ve designed a plan for independent research, but because of my activity in students organization spent my time, my research would realize in June 2004.

while i searched online data for deep understanding chatting phenomenon, i found something new for me at that time: BLOG. I was interested in blogging and all blogger dynamics, especially about Indonesian blogger. Because the blog had attracted me so much, then i leaved my research for chatting and change my research theme about Blog.

Aug-Oct 2004, I’ve done a simple quantitative survey research about Indonesian Blogger. I took 211 bloggers for the sample, and I got a descriptive data that gave me a drawing about Indonesian’s Blog phenomenon. March 2005, I tried connecting my simple research with psychology’s perspective.

At the end of December 2005, i’ve deleted my blog because of some reasons. Then, I made a blog again, but just only for two months until the end of January 2006. After I met Ms. Haryati that connect me with Prof. Gumilar Rusliwa Soemantri, I entered master program at Sociology Of Universitas Indonesia (2006). I’m so busy then, and I don’t have enough time for blogging (hohoho just justification :p )

Now, i’m doing my theses. I am stil interested with virtual phenomenon. In this project, my focus study is about Virtual Society and Social System. I take Indonesian blog and blogger’s phenomena as my case. For documenting my little note that related with my theses, i decide for blogging again as you see my blog here…

Welcome blogging world. Just Go Blog (Goblog in Indonesian have a meaning: very stupid) again 🙂 caiaooo…


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go blog!

[dipisah lho penulisannya]


bolak balik

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