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Pesta Blogger 2008, It’s great event for Indonesian Blogger. In relation for me, it means that I can meet my new networks who have a similarity interest in research.

I would thank very much to Mr. Tsukasa Iga for yesterday. He’s a PhD candidate from Kobe University, Japan, that have been doing his dissertation about media and politic in Malaysia and Indonesia. I also thank to Ms. Delvy Wahyuni, a PhD candidate from postcolonial literature department at National University of Malaysia. Her dissertation about blog that shown as personal narrative. She uses Homi Bhaba’s perspective for explaining the phenomenon. (hi mbak, thx for your chocolate, it’s very delicious 😉 hehehe)

We also sit in the same spot about Viewing social politics phenomena from blogosphere (Spot 1), Jeff Oi (Malaysia) and Mr. Brown (Singapore) as a speaker. But Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied there, because it’s not like my imagination for sharing about variety perspective of social dimensions of blog. It just spent more time one way from the speaker and the topics is fully practical politics. I think, blog phenomenon can be seen from multidimentional perspective: psychology, sociology, communication studies, literature, etc. By sharing from trans-dicipline perspective, I imagine that They can inspire and make more rich about my perspective.


I have been still thinking why the audience of my colloquium tend to methodological questions and focusing the problem? Why didn’t they ask or criticize me from the theory perspective? I don’t know, but I only assume that my perspective is not popular here. I use Niklas Luhmann’s System Theory…

Perhaps the reasons as listed below:

I see Niklas Luhmann’s theory, it is very rare used by professor or lecturer in our (Indonesia) University, specially from social science and humanities department.

Jonathan Turner categorized Luhmann as functionalism theorist. It means that Luhmann just follow and develop the previous theorist like Talcott Parsons, and including him in the same characteristic: functionalism. Because of evolution perspective of Parsons, there is only one universal way to reach development and going to stablility, it make many scholar don’t agree because of its support for status quo power and avoid the conflicts. Turner’s book of sociological theory, it is used as main book by both lecturer and students here.

My friends are usually interested to just only several thinker. Nearly nobody take symbolic interactionism. I don’t know why they are more interested with macro theory (?)

George Ritzer has different perspective to categorize Luhmann. He includes him in the special chapter: System Theory.

I try exploring Luhmann (even it’s hard for me to understand Luhmann’s idea), and I think I find more interesting thing that never given to us when the lecturer explained the sociological theory in the classroom. Perhaps Luhmann’s idea step too forward so that many scholar need more time to understand what his mean (or they can’t see the effect of this theory).

As a flash info, this is one of Luhmann’s idea:

(I Take this below paragraph from Jakob Arnoldi’s Writing; Niklas Luhmann: An Introduction; Journal Theory Culture Society 2001; 18; 1. DOI: 10.1177/02632760122051607. The online version of this article can be found at:

Luhmann defines social systems as communicative systems. Based on a notion of double contingency, he develops a theory of communication that understands communication not as a transmission of meaning or information from one subject to another but as an autopoietic system that emerges out of the double contingent encounter of subjects. Because of the intrinsic impossibility of knowing if one’s interpretation of the other’s impartation matches the other’s intentions (who has similar difficulties interpreting one’s own impartations) communication tends to evolve on its own – as an autopoietic system – removed from the conscious processes of the subjects ‘communicating’. Based on this premise, Luhmann analyses historically different ways in which – and the means by which – social systems evolve, stabilize and reproduce themselves. – Jakob Arnoldi

The Head of my school, Mrs. Diana, permit me leaving the students for 3 days: Wednesday, Thursday, dan Friday. It’s very hard for me managing my time, because every time I’m in the school, I can’t do my thesis’job. Many students always want me for discussing their problems: about their family, girl/boyfriend, laziness, mabal (not go to school), etc. So, I decided for spending my 3 days for the thesis!

Thursday, I went to depok from Bandung at 5 o’clock in the morning. I got the 3rd occasion for presenting my research results. The 1st time, at 10 a.m Irsyad Zamzami presented his research about the meaning of nationalism after otoritarian regime, the 2nd at 13 p.m, Abdul Mughis presented his field research about power relation in case Lapindo East Java. The last presentation, of course me!

I’ve got many questions and advices for may research:

1. Cahyo Pamungkas, researcher from LIPI, asked me about the basic concept of social interaction. Could the blog include as social interaction like the definition in the conventional definition?

2. Kusharianingsih Chandrawita, lecturer from Sociology Dept. UI, gave me some questions about methods and perspective about qualitative and quantitative.

3. Daisy Indira Yasmine, also lecturer from the sam dept at UI, asked me about focusing my research and relating it into several issues. She also gave me some perspectives that made my research more rich.

4. Harry Surjadi (environtmental activist, also lecturer at UMN), Khairil Nur Siregar (lecturer from Sociotechnology dept, ITB), and all my friends from variety backgroud that have attended to my qolloquium..

thx for your idea sharing and critics… those’re very helpful for me…

I’ll list my friends that interested in researching about virtual phenomenon:

1. Haryati, her bachelor from english literature unpad, her master from Sociology UI. She discussed about Chatting phenomena for the thesis, 2005.

2. Ken Oktavianus Mangkuprojo, from psychology UGM. His interests now about blog phenomena, relating with psychological perspectives

3. Kahardityo (sociology UI), also have completed his research about Virtual Community and Local Culture

4. etc… (lazy for mentioning one by one hohoho)

now, i hope there is one friend again that I’ll meet. She is Delvi Wahyuni. She is Indonesian Students who studies at PhD Programme from Poscolonial Literature in English departement, Faculty of social science and humanities, national university of malaysia. She will arrive in Jakarta this afternoon, because she wants to attend Pesta Blogger 2008. Her dessertation relating with personal narration expressing via Blog!

Welcome to Jakarta, Delvi… I’ll wait for your ‘teh tarik’ from malaysia 😉

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