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a new partner

Posted on: November 21, 2008

I’ll list my friends that interested in researching about virtual phenomenon:

1. Haryati, her bachelor from english literature unpad, her master from Sociology UI. She discussed about Chatting phenomena for the thesis, 2005.

2. Ken Oktavianus Mangkuprojo, from psychology UGM. His interests now about blog phenomena, relating with psychological perspectives

3. Kahardityo (sociology UI), also have completed his research about Virtual Community and Local Culture

4. etc… (lazy for mentioning one by one hohoho)

now, i hope there is one friend again that I’ll meet. She is Delvi Wahyuni. She is Indonesian Students who studies at PhD Programme from Poscolonial Literature in English departement, Faculty of social science and humanities, national university of malaysia. She will arrive in Jakarta this afternoon, because she wants to attend Pesta Blogger 2008. Her dessertation relating with personal narration expressing via Blog!

Welcome to Jakarta, Delvi… I’ll wait for your ‘teh tarik’ from malaysia 😉


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