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Posted on: November 21, 2008

The Head of my school, Mrs. Diana, permit me leaving the students for 3 days: Wednesday, Thursday, dan Friday. It’s very hard for me managing my time, because every time I’m in the school, I can’t do my thesis’job. Many students always want me for discussing their problems: about their family, girl/boyfriend, laziness, mabal (not go to school), etc. So, I decided for spending my 3 days for the thesis!

Thursday, I went to depok from Bandung at 5 o’clock in the morning. I got the 3rd occasion for presenting my research results. The 1st time, at 10 a.m Irsyad Zamzami presented his research about the meaning of nationalism after otoritarian regime, the 2nd at 13 p.m, Abdul Mughis presented his field research about power relation in case Lapindo East Java. The last presentation, of course me!

I’ve got many questions and advices for may research:

1. Cahyo Pamungkas, researcher from LIPI, asked me about the basic concept of social interaction. Could the blog include as social interaction like the definition in the conventional definition?

2. Kusharianingsih Chandrawita, lecturer from Sociology Dept. UI, gave me some questions about methods and perspective about qualitative and quantitative.

3. Daisy Indira Yasmine, also lecturer from the sam dept at UI, asked me about focusing my research and relating it into several issues. She also gave me some perspectives that made my research more rich.

4. Harry Surjadi (environtmental activist, also lecturer at UMN), Khairil Nur Siregar (lecturer from Sociotechnology dept, ITB), and all my friends from variety backgroud that have attended to my qolloquium..

thx for your idea sharing and critics… those’re very helpful for me…


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