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Research Network

Posted on: November 23, 2008

Pesta Blogger 2008, It’s great event for Indonesian Blogger. In relation for me, it means that I can meet my new networks who have a similarity interest in research.

I would thank very much to Mr. Tsukasa Iga for yesterday. He’s a PhD candidate from Kobe University, Japan, that have been doing his dissertation about media and politic in Malaysia and Indonesia. I also thank to Ms. Delvy Wahyuni, a PhD candidate from postcolonial literature department at National University of Malaysia. Her dissertation about blog that shown as personal narrative. She uses Homi Bhaba’s perspective for explaining the phenomenon. (hi mbak, thx for your chocolate, it’s very delicious 😉 hehehe)

We also sit in the same spot about Viewing social politics phenomena from blogosphere (Spot 1), Jeff Oi (Malaysia) and Mr. Brown (Singapore) as a speaker. But Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied there, because it’s not like my imagination for sharing about variety perspective of social dimensions of blog. It just spent more time one way from the speaker and the topics is fully practical politics. I think, blog phenomenon can be seen from multidimentional perspective: psychology, sociology, communication studies, literature, etc. By sharing from trans-dicipline perspective, I imagine that They can inspire and make more rich about my perspective.


2 Responses to "Research Network"

halah mas adiiii, aku baru nemu blog muuuuu. alhamdulillah deeh. habis hp ku mati mendadak jadi semua contact yang kupunya semuanya hilang. waaah. sukur deh

yes…chocolate na enak banget…


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