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New Spirit

Posted on: April 6, 2009

Tidak terasa sudah setahun saya mendekam dalam pengabdian menjadi seorang guru SMA. Tidak terasa pula planning riset dan fokus akademik menjadi terbengkalai. No paper, miskin karya.

Go Ahead! selalu begitu kata Prof. Gumilar, my advisor.  Tesisku dimintanya untuk dibukukan in english, tapi saya merasa masih belum layak.

Next info that i’ve accepted for these 2 last months: my abstract paper was accepted for presenting in international conference on sociocybernetics and in APSA conference next June. These are important for me as a young scholar and as  graduated student.

I’m very newbie about this theme. I’ve seen several senior scholar that will be attend at the conference, and I amazed with them. Wow! I’m directly impressed by them, and they have been emerging me a new spirit for more learn and study: deeping my understanding about this topic.

This is my pathway, I live in Indonesia that have limited reference and discussion’s partner for improving my understanding. I must study more hard, back focusing my interset research, thinking again wheter in the next year i’ll still be a teacher or not, and as sson as preparing myself for applying PhD program abroad…

Lanjutkan! Harus Bisa! (kayak partai demokrat aja hehe)


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