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Posted on: March 7, 2010

After several years as a teacher at senior high school, some plans of mine were not conducted. Research! As a teacher, it is nearly impossible for me to conduct my independent research plan. I must teach 26 hours a week, be a curriculum staff, listening student’s problem in their daily life, wali kelas, and also scientific club supervisor. Totally, I barely never read some books which related to my research focus. My conclusion: If you are a teacher in Indonesia, don’t dream about research, it must be professionally done. If you have an interest for research, just enter the university or another research institution (consultant or multinational company or government and non-government organization). But In the other side, I now know why teachers usually do some demonstrations. The one and only reason why teachers still survive at their position is IDEALISM. Some day if I and my wife can build a school, the prosperity of teachers is one of main thing that we must note.

Btw, last month, I was very happy because of my supervised students be a 2nd winner of national scientific paper competition at Universitas Brawijaya. I sent 3 teams (science, social and humanities, and literary and culture), and two of them were the finalist, and one team as a winner. Along 2 years, I have sent 7 team for scientific paper competition, 5 of them were success to be a finalist. This is a good sign for better Darul Hikam Senior High School in the future. I just hope that the row input of the students can be better than before so that they could run to get more prestigious champions from several competition. Alhamdulillah, It also signs me that I have succeeded for being  a winner when i was students, as a successful committee of scientific competition in the past, and now as a supervisor to the students 🙂

My completed project after that is a book ‘Web 2.0 Generation: The New Phenomena From Emerging New Media’. I completed it just 4 days, i just compiled from my previous unpublished works, and i submitted it to National Enrichment Book Competition which held by Ministry of Education. It consist 113 pages of content. I hope I can win this competition 🙂

My next project are: (1) planning for supervise my students for History paper competition (regional level: Jakarta, Lampung, Banten, and West java), I have many sources of certain interesting local history topic. (2) finishing my paper and slide for presentation next May at International Conference of Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, (3) searching again for possibilities of my PhD plan abroad, especially for the scholarship (wow, it is not as easy as I imagine before hehe)


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